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Book production
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Since Gutenberg, the book is the symbolic product of printing industry. A beautifully designed, artistically typographised, high- quality printed and bound book is not just information-carrying medium, but a nice gift and symbol of human history and culture. Kvadrat Print and Radin Print Group can produce any kind of book in either low, medium and high print run, made possible by the technological background and several decades of experience acquired in book production.
From the manuscript to the packaging 
Publishing houses usually ask our company to print and produce fully typographised, designed and near print-ready projects. Kvadrat Print is ready to offer more: On our clients demand we make all the prepress work: layout, design, typography, design of the cover and the binding, image and illustration processing and even the language and grammatical correction of the text copy.
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Our clients wrote:
If you work on a tight budget, before finalising the technical parametres of your project (format, measures, binding etc.), consult our experts. Preparing the project specifications to fit as close as possible to the production equipment and stock you can minimalise the waste in material, time and work as well. With smart and careful planning you may save a significant amount of money.
Binding options: Flexible cover Soft cover (hot-melt, PUR, thread-stitched, thread-sealed) even with flaps Hard cover: thread-stitched, thread-sealed or perfect-bound square or rounded spine paper, cloth or leather bound Surface treatment: Film lamination: gloss, matte or structured UV or UV partial varnishing Water-based dispersion varnishing: gloss or matte Effect varnishing Mica partial varnishing Scented varnishing Embossing Hot-foil stamping in different colours Corner rounding
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