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Technical specifications
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Data transfer options
Most common web offset formats
File format: We can accept press quality composit (not separated) PDF, but we are not able to handle JPEG page-images. Photos, pictures, images: Only accepted in CMYK format (not RGB) with minimum 300 dpi resolution. Photos taken from the internet are usually not suitable for printing. Fonts: All the fonts used should be embedded or outlined (converted to curves). Colours: On heat-set web offset presses we always print from CMYK. On sheet- fed machines we have the possibility to use PANTONE spot colours. Colour profile: Europe ISO Coated FOGRA 27 or Europe ISO Coated FOGRA 39. Deep black at black tones: In the case of sheet-fed printing +50% cyan,+50% magenta,+50% yellow have to be added to 100% black to have real deep black. In the case of heat-set printing minimum 70% cyan has to be used. We cannot accept only 100% black because on the print it will be grey. UV varnish, die-cut: Layers have to be separated as spot colours. In the die- cut file crop marks have to be in the same position as on the printed pages. Pages: Cropping, folding, perforation and other post-press marks have to be also put on the pages. Pages can be uploaded in one or more files, but the files always have to be named from the pages it contains. Cover pages (1-4 and 2-3) have to be rendered as spreads (in the case of perfect binding together with the spine). Page size: Set to the specified final size of the publication. Leave min. 5 mm bleed area and text objects should be positioned min. 5 mm away from the cut. Electronic approval: We can provide electronic approval if it is needed. In this case you can see the RIPped pages on your computer and you can approve it via the AGFA Delano system.
E-mail: If the files are smaller than 10 MBytes you can send them here, in pdf format (press quality): info@kvadratprint.hu Internet:  If the size is bigger than 10 MBytes you can send them through a file sender. We recommend:  http://www.toldacuccot.hu/ http://mammutmail.com/ FTP: For regular clients we provide secure FTP access on our fileserver. Apply for access and password. Data medium: We accept your data on any physical medium as well. (CD, USB stick, DVD, HDD...)
Prepress equipment
Data exchange FTP server, CD, DVD, HDD, USB stick (PDF, PS, EPS, TIFF) Preflight control Layout, imposition Agfa Apogee X Web approval Agfa Delano Control proof EPSON 9800 EPSON 11880 Color proof EPSON Stylus Pro 7800, K3 EPSON Stylus Pro 7880, K3  (Fogra certificated, ISO 12647-2) CTP Computer To Plate Lüscher Xpose 160 + PHS (thermal) Lüscher Xpose 260 Screen 8600 Plate Rite, Agfa XCalibur 45S
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