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Kvadrat Print: A real family business
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Our company was founded in 1997 in order to serve our clients’ marketing and printing demands on a high-skilled level. The biggest change in the firm’s life was in 2009 when we joined the Radin Print Group. The company is still owned by members of our family.
Magazines, weeklies, newspapers High, medium and low print run glossy and weekly magazines with heat-set and sheet-fed technology. Books, workbooks Hard, soft and flexible covered books, workbooks, comics, puzzle booklets. Brochures, leaflets, catalogues High and medium print run leaflets printed on heat-set machines with glueing or stitching and cutting on-line. Medium and low print run catalogues. Inserts and processing Production of inserts and supplements. Automated inserting, glueing-in. Placing 3D objects. PE, PP or shrink foil wrapping, digital addressing, labeling. GamePrint Prize games with self-adhesive, personalized labels.
Kvadrat Print (Kvadrát 97 Ltd.) Member and representative of the Radin Print Group H-1118 Budapest, Hungary Ugron Gábor utca 12. phone: +36 1 319 1599 fax: +36 1 319 1599 info@kvadratprint.hu
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Our clients wrote:
Key production activities of KvadratPrint Ltd.
marketing manager, economist   +36 30 2801 511 tamas.banati @kvadratprint.hu
founder-owner, managing director, printing engineer, economist +36 30 9668 702 laszlo.banati @kvadratprint.hu
founder-owner, financial director, economist +36 30 9213 843 zsuzsa.banati @kvadratprint.hu
sales director, printing engineer +36 30 2806 656 andras.banati @kvadratprint.hu
sales manager, economist   +36 30 8242 008 balint.nagy @kvadratprint.hu
sales manager, economist +36 30 4130 084 anna.sizykh @kvadratprint.hu
László Bánáti  
Ms Zsuzsa Bánátiné Szabó
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Tamás Bánáti  
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